Monday, January 26, 2009

That Beautiful Man

Dearly beloved we are gathered; melancholy and grave is the remembrance of death. It penetrates emotion and robs substance of serenity.
The passing of a titan is a plague not only for the friends and relative peers, but for the entire nation that admired him.

Heath Ledger was, without a doubt, the most beautiful man that ever graced the world with his presence. The Australian actor was not only blessed with immaculate beauty, but was defiantly rugged. His gallant attitude portrayed his lust for adventure and ease of life. The intervention of his untimely demise disrupted the progressing generation and halted the existence of human apotheosis. The pang of confusion and fear of the unanswered linger still; a year’s passing is short of acceptance. The stages of death haunt the longing of his absence. Denial is juvenile. Anger is conceited. A bargain is only revelation of God’s bereavement. A legend without tribute is only a vacant memory. To progress without commemoration is aspiration to the degree of a walking void.

Rapture is vain, and sorrow is violent.
But the valiant prodigy will subsist forever.
R.I.P. Heath Ledger

April 4th, 1979 – January 22, 2008

written by katie roberts

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trees Instead of Babies

Expanding a bit more on Austin's remarks..

Now that the holiday season has concluded,
there is very little to look forward to at this point.
No more holiday tunes, and festive decorations to lift your spirits.
Dumpsters full of Evergreens.
instead of babies. (read more HERE )
No more fun.

This is when the Christmas Depression sets in.

The holidays almost seem to provide a distraction from our ‘Normal Lives’.
There is always something to do during this time of the year.
By the time January rolls around, the excitement
has died down, and the letdown is strong.
Time to go back to work. Time to start studying.
So what is it to look forward to?
Valentines. St. Patrick’s day. Insanity?
Not too much.

But there is hope.

The key is to keep your mind preoccupied.
Ways that are effective include alcohol,
sex, drugs, and heavy metal.
You could do each separately, but it is shown
that it is more effective when all are in play.
Another way is simply spending the rest of
your time sitting on the couch,
catching up on the latest celebrity gossip,
and hit reality television shows.
Whatever it is you choose to do, just remember..
To stick it to the man.