Monday, February 7, 2011

And this.

This is grreat.


A good day yesterday. The sun was shining. I only needed one jacket. Went to eat a Blue Plate with Tony. Listening to Glen Miller in the car added to the day. Tony ordered the usual.. I thought to try something new. It was so very delicious. After eating we decided to go to Ensign Peak. Rather than following the trail, we chose to climb up the side of the mountain to reach the top. I think it's the most exercise I've had in some time. WE made it none the less.
The view of the Salty Lake Valley. The view was beautiful and the sky was breath taking. Good thing was was able to capture everything in this picture..
And lookie how cute. I'm just happy to have spent the day with this cute kid. The cutes? He definitely has them. All over. I really like it.. and him.

Friday, February 4, 2011


My 80th post. Sheesh. I need to get better at this thing.

WELLLL. I have another BLOGG. It's for school. Follow if you'd like.
thx kids