Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Like Him

A lot..
It is the truth. I still don't know what he is still doing hanging around me. I am not that cool.. It amazes that he is so nice to someone like me, and claims that I am great or the best. I am not.. I tell him that. I tell him that he is too nice to me. He says that is not true and it's not possible. He lets me cry and tells me not to feel stupid. He tells me not to apologize when i do cry. He wipes away my tears for me when all I can do is cry. He reminds me that I don't need to worry because everything will be okay in the end. How is it that I can have so much love for this one person ? How is it that all I can think about when he is gone is him? How is it that even when I am with him all I can think about is him? It is all just too crazy for me.. But it is not a a bad thing. And as stupid and cheesey as this all sounds..
It is all true.

Love Lasts..

Just this past week my grandmother was admitted into the
hospital due to blood clots that had formed in her lungs
[scary business guys]. It all started about two weeks ago
when she had gotten sick. She finally went to the doctor and
found out that she had pneumonia. She stayed in bed the rest
of the time to try and get better. That is how the clots came to be.

While she has been staying in the hospital and I have been helping
take care of him. He has Parkinsons